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booking questions: 

DO YOU REQUIRE A RETAINER TO BOOK? Yes, when booking expect to put down a retainer and a signed contract to secure your date. Holding off can result in you unintentionally losing the day and me as your vendor! You do have a 24 hour grace period from the time the contract has been sent to sign and pay your retainer, otherwise your date is void and becomes available for others to book.

CAN I BOOK A TRIAL PRIOR TO SECURING MY WEDDING DAY? Absolutely! But this is on a first come first serve basis, and with an abundance of inquiries rolling in from 2024/25 postponements, nothing is secured unless your contract is signed and the deposit has been made.

HOW DO YOU TAKE PAYMENT? Cash is best! Pay cash and I will love you forever, even though I already will. I also accept Zelle / Apple Pay as well as Venmo - please note that payments via Venmo must add the 2% service fee to their total invoice.


trial questions: 

IS A TRIAL REQUIRED? Although trials aren’t mandatory, they are recommended! This gives us a chance to meet, discuss your style, and try out YOUR bridal glam vision.

HOW LONG DOES A TRIAL TAKE? Allow an hour to an hour and a half for your trial.

HOW FAR OUT SHOULD I BOOK MY TRIAL? I recommend 3-4 months out from your wedding date. You don’t want to wait until the last minute since our schedules are JAM PACKED due to postponements and we may not be able to get you in.

WHEN ARE YOU AVAILABLE FOR TRIALS? I take trials on weekdays and limited Sundays. All trial appointments are taken at my studio in El Cajon.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING TO MY TRIAL? Come with a clean, bare face and inspiration photos! Keep in mind: I don’t mind inspiration photos from Pinterest, etc. but please also show me photos of MY work - every MUA has a certain style to offer. You hired me for a reason, right?!


wedding day questions: 

HOW MUCH TIME SHOULD I ALLOW FOR MAKEUP ON MY WEDDING DAY? This isn’t your everyday 20-minute makeup! Make sure to allow at least an hour for Bridal Makeup and for all others (Guests, Bridesmaids, Moms, Juniors) please allow 45 minutes.

WHAT IF I WANT TO ADD PEOPLE/SERVICES? Once the contract has been signed, that number is not subject to change. I plan the day based on that number of people. If the number of services jumps from 5 to 11, I can’t do that many girls by myself.

CAN YOU HIRE AN ASSISTANT? Absolutely! This is recommended since bridal parties have been very large lately. My maximum number of solo services is 6, so for any larger parties, my assistant will be required at an additional cost.

CAN WE GET READY IN MY BRIDAL SUITE? Trust me, we understand they are beautiful and make for the best photos, but venues fail to let you know that you typically don’t get access to the bridal suite until around 11. With a large bridal party that timeline becomes highly unrealistic for hair and makeup.

WHERE DO YOU RECOMMEND GETTING READY? You can always book an AirBnB (more ideal for space and lighting) or a hotel room the night before to get ready in and then head to the suite afterwards.


Have questions? I have answers!

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